About Us

Matt and Melissa are a husband and wife dynamic duo who have been married for 10 years and have two beauful little boys. The two of them have always had a deep passion for any type of gathering or event that brings people together to create laughter, smiles and memories that are cherished for a lifetime. They have always had a dream and a vision of creating a business that would embody those things and who we are as a family. With that being said, Tap N' Go Truck Co was born!

Matt is incredibly talented, with his creativity and woodworking skills, he rebuilt their 1949 chevy pickup truck into a tap truck which includes four taps. He also learned all the necessary skills needed to start his first business and bring Tap N' Go Truck Co to life! 

Melissa has a passion and love for people and enjoys meeting and connecting with others in the event industry as well as building relationships with their customers and providing a top notch experience for them. 

With their personable, fun personalities and Goose's vintage, unique vibe, they feel they would be the perfect addition to any wedding, gathering, party or event!