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What kind of beverages do you serve out of the taps?

We serve any beverages that come in a keg. From your favorite beer to a refreshing cider, if we can tap it, we can serve it. We also serve non-alcoholic options such as cold brew coffee, root beer and lemonade. 

Do you serve non-keg beverages?

Yes! Our bartenders will pour your provided favorite pre mixed cocktails, bottled wine and champagne. 

We also serve non-alcoholic bottles and canned refreshments for the non drinkers and children. 

Do you provide the alcohol?

We are unable to carry a liquor license and Arizona law prohibits us from purchasing the alcohol.

Are you insured?

We have a 2 million general and liquor liability insurance policy. 

Where can the truck go?


Anywhere we can park it. Inside or out. Truck dimensions are 16ft long, 7ft wide and 6 ft tall.


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